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Multivrse Virtual Reality Arcade Virginia Beach.

Virtual Reality is in it’s opening stages of life, now is your chance to be apart of making history! Normally, fully immersive Virtual reality setups are expensive and can be hard to experience if you don’t know somebody with a serious gaming rig. The average VR setup will cost you around $1500-$2500, which for most of us “normal people” is simply out of reach. Multivrse virtual reality arcade Virginia Beach offers Virginia’s first ever VR arcade. We pride ourselves in affordable pricing, and boast over 20 unique and immersive virtual reality games and experiences!

HTC Vive VR Virginia Beach

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MultiVRse Virtual Reality Games.

We are constantly contacting and working with developers to bring you the greatest virtual reality experience possible! Click on one of our featured virtual reality games to learn more.

How It Works.


In our current setups we use the HTC Vive Head Mounted Display (HMD for short). With the Vive’s millimeter precision tracking system we can accurately track the position of both the headset, and your controllers in a physical space!


Virtual Reality by itself is already much cooler than real life, but it gets very lonely. Our setup will allow for multiplayer connections for games that allow them. Challenge and play with your friends in amazing new worlds!

Gift Cards!

Stop by and grab one of the perfect gifts for the holidays, or birthday! Just come into the store and ask for a gift card, you can load any amount on to the card!

Games & Experiences

We are actively working with developers to bring you the latest and greatest games available for the HTC Vive! We currently have over 20 experiences that are available!

Party Services

Looking for something new to do with your group? Team building exercises? Birthday Party? Contact us today to set up your event here at MultiVRse! With 9 multiplayer experiences, and cooperative play, you’ll be having a blast in no time!

Affordable Pricing!

Your session can last as long as you want it to last! Our pricing is as follows: $10 for 15 minutes, $15 for a half hour, $20 for 45 minutes, or $25 for a full hour. Please contact us for group rates!